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Diversity and Inclusion

Duke University School of Nursing is committed to increasing diversity and inclusiveness in our community. Diversity is more than broadly representative demographic differences. Rather, diversity embodies cultural sensitivity and openness, collaboration, and inclusion. Diversity fosters learning by reflecting experiences from life, classroom, and practice, as well as social beliefs.

Individually and together, we encourage opportunities to think and behave equitably by acknowledging and respecting different beliefs, practices, and cultural norms. We honor pluralism and encourage each other to explore, engage in, and embrace one’s uniqueness while we uphold academic excellence, celebrate strategic change, and honor traditions.

By embracing diversity and inclusion in all that we do and strive for, we strengthen our community, our pedagogy, our research, and the future design, development, and delivery of a health care system that eliminates disparities both locally and globally.

Moving forward, we will continue to acknowledge and celebrate our differences and promote community values that reflect our diversity and multiple ways of knowing in an intercultural world.