Student Services

The office is responsible for providing operational support to students by helping to facilitate student registration, compliance, career services, orientation, graduation ceremonies, advisement, and student status changes.

  • Registration Services: The goal is to assist students by providing a seamless registration process. Registration Services provides step-by-step instructions on how to enroll in courses. SON students enroll in courses fall, spring, and summer unless on an approved leave of absence until all requirements have been met.

  • Compliance Services: Student Services oversees the collection, monitoring and reporting of all required compliance related items necessary for initial course enrollment. This unit also monitors compliance of those items that expire during continuous enrollment until graduation as well as annual flu tracking. Student Services works directly with Duke Student Health to monitor compliance of all campus based program students (ABSN, CRNA, and PhD). Student Services works directly with our approved vendor to track compliance of all online students.

  • Student Services: This unit is responsible for providing operational support to students by helping to facility ID badge issuance, on-campus locker and mailbox assignments, emergency loan funds, student organizations, and the Student Ambassador program. Additionally, all student communications are primarily monitored and maintained by this unit.

  • Enrollment/Advisement Services: This unit supports the programs by reviewing and approving all incoming DNP (MSN-DNP and CRNA) Matriculation Long Range Plans.

  • Graduation Ceremonies: This unit is responsible for organizing and planning two graduation ceremonies each year. Ceremonies are held in May and December of each year. This involves coordination with many offices (Dean’s Office, Academic Affairs, Office of Special Events, University Registrar’s Office, and each academic program).

  • New Student Orientation: This unit is responsible for coordinating New Student Orientation twice yearly (January and August). Coordination with all programs (ABSN, MSN, DNP, and PhD) is essential to help facilitate the onboarding of incoming students.

  • Faculty Long Range/Matriculation Plan Training: Student Services provides support to faculty advisors by providing training on the Long Range Matriculation Plan process. All MSN and DNP students are required to have an approved Matriculation Plan on file before they are made eligible to enroll. Faculty advisors are responsible for approving submitted plans by advisees.

  • Student Status Changes: Student Services works directly with the University Registrar’s Office to support students with any student status change that is needed. This would include the processing of leaves of absence, program withdrawal, course withdrawals, change in grading basis, audit registration, and any enrollment changes that are needed after the Drop/Add period ends.

Career Services

Career Services assists students in building careers that fulfill the greater mission of advancing nursing. The center provides personalized career coaching, resume and cover letter critique and personal statement and CV assistance. The Center also assists students with interview preparation and strategies for internships and jobs, skill and professional competency development, network building, and education around career paths, industries, and employers. Services are available to current students and alumni both in person and virtually.

Office of Admissions

The Office of Admissions has responsibility and oversight for working with individuals from the time they first show interest in the school through the admissions process. The Office of Admissions provides frequent services to students interested in exploring enrollment at the school. The office supports prospects by providing venues to ask and receive information through our online resources, webinars, and presence at out-of-state recruitment events and on-campus events. Admission officers assist students in accessing and submitting the application for admission. The staff are available as well to guide students through the process, provide transcript evaluations, and supply general information about the interview selection process.