Enrollment Policies

Course Format

The Duke University School of Nursing offers courses in three delivery formats: campus courses, distance-based courses, and online courses. Course formats are defined as follows:

Campus Courses. Campus courses include regular class sessions on campus throughout the semester. Courses may be totally campus-based or include some online activities.

Distance-Based Courses. Distance-based courses blend mostly online instruction with some on-campus sessions, typically ranging from one to three per semester.

Online Courses. Online courses consist of instructor-designed, student-driven, interactive modules of instruction delivered via a learning platform that is virtually available on the Internet. Online courses may have a synchronous component (planned activities at specific times when students and/or faculty interact—for example, in an online chat or through a videoconference).

The ABSN Program, the PhD Program, and the DNP Program with nurse anesthesia specialization are campus-based.

Definition of Full-Time Enrollment Status

Full-time status is defined as follows:

  • Full credit load for fall and spring semesters: 6 credit hours/semester

  • Full credit load for summer semester: 4 credit hours

  • Full credit load for international students: 6 credit hours for fall/spring semesters and 4 credit hours for summer semester; no more than 3 credit hours per semester may be taken in online format

Interinstitutional Registration Agreement

Under the Interinstitutional Registration Agreement, any graduate, professional, or undergraduate student enrolled as a degree-seeking student at any one of the participating universities may participate in registration via the interinstitutional registration process. Participating universities are Duke University, North Carolina Central University, North Carolina State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Anyone interested in pursuing interinstitutional registration should refer to the detailed information on the Office of the University Registrar’s website.