Pre-Enrollment Requirements

All students must complete the pre-enrollment requirements. Failure to accurately or promptly submit the required information may delay course registration. In some cases, noncompliance may cause a student to be administratively withdrawn from the School of Nursing.

Tuition Deposits

A nonrefundable deposit to the Duke University School of Nursing must accompany the acceptance of admission. Please refer to the program-specific admissions information on the School of Nursing website for detailed information about deposit amounts. The deposit will be credited to the first semester student account.

Health and Immunization Record

All matriculating students must show documentation of the immunizations required by the State of North Carolina and Duke University School of Nursing. Students will be prompted to submit documentation of immunizations through the online credentialing system upon matriculation. Accelerated BSN students and Nurse Anesthesia DNP students, enrolled in on-campus programs, must also submit documentation through Duke Student Health. All students are responsible for meeting and maintaining the required immunizations.