Technological Requirements

Communication between Duke University and Students

Email is the official medium by which Duke University communicates policies, procedures, and items related to coursework or degree requirements to students enrolled at the university. All students matriculated at the School of Nursing are assigned a Duke University email account upon accepting the offer of admission and submitting the tuition deposit. It is the student’s responsibility to use this email account for all school-related business, to check this email account regularly, and to respond promptly to requests made by email.

Computer Skills

All students are required to possess basic computer skills. The School of Nursing is dedicated to technology-enhanced learning. Courses integrate technology in curriculum delivery and require an intermediate level of computer literacy, including proficiency in Microsoft Office products, file management skills, browser management skills, and basic computer security. See the PhD Program in Nursing Graduate Student Handbook for additional information on PhD Program computer requirements.

Computer Requirements

The School of Nursing, Duke University Medical Center Library, and many other areas of the campus are enabled for wireless access.

All Duke University School of Nursing students enrolled in the ABSN Program, MSN Program, DNP Program, and the certificate curricula, as well as nondegree students, are required to have their laptops in full working condition, meeting or exceeding the standards listed on the Student Technology Resources page of the School of Nursing website. Students are expected to keep their computers in good working order, install security and other updates on a regular basis, and demonstrate sound computer use behavior so as not to spread viruses or other potentially harmful files to the university’s systems.

Students entering the PhD Program are expected to have a laptop computer with wireless network capability and an operating system that is in compliance with Duke Health Security standards.