Tuition & Fees

The information in this section pertains to the tuition and fee structure for the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) Program, Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Program, and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program of the Duke University School of Nursing as well as to those pursuing post-graduate certificates, other certificates, and non-degree enrollment options.

Detailed information related to tuition and fees is available online on the School of Nursing website at the following links: 


ABSN Students

Tuition for all ABSN students is charged on a per semester basis. ABSN tuition is $25,258 per semester. In the event a student must decelerate, the student will be charged the graduate per-credit-hour tuition rate, as listed below.

MSN, DNP, PGC, Other Certificate, and Nondegree Students

Tuition for students in the MSN and DNP programs, as well as those pursuing a post-graduate certificate, other certificate, or nondegree study, tuition is charged at the graduate per-credit-hour tuition rate of ($2,075 as of Fall 2023). To calculate tuition for the academic year, multiply the number of credit hours enrolled by the per-credit-hour rate.


Following registration, a number of student fees are automatically generated. All fees are subject to change each academic year.

Academic Program Fees

Unless otherwise indicated, the fees described below pertain to ABSN, MSN, PGC DNP, and other certificate students.

Audit Fee. Audit fees are charged per course. Students registered full-time in the fall and spring semesters may audit courses without charge, space permitting. Nursing 595 (Diagnostic Reasoning and Physical Assessment Refresher) is not available to be audited. Students taking this course must register for at least one graduate credit hour at the graduate tuition rate.

Technology Fee. A technology fee is assessed each semester for technical support from the school’s Information Technology Department (SON-IT).

Transcript Fee. All matriculants pay a one-time transcript fee. This fee permits all students and alumni to receive official university transcripts to meet their legitimate needs without additional charge, except for special handling such as express mail.

Clinical Lab Fees. Students enrolled in courses with an extensive clinical laboratory component will be charged an additional lab fee.

Standardized Testing/Exam Review Fee (ABSN only). This one-time nonrefundable fee is charged to Accelerated BSN students in their first semester for the NCLEX exam-prep course and related assessments.

International Cultural Immersion Program Fees. Students participating in a global immersion experience in conjunction with the School of Nursing’s Office of Global and Community Health Initiatives (OGACHI) will be charged an International Cultural Immersion Program travel fee for the semester of global immersion experience, with fee amounts based on global location.

CRNA Test Preparation Fee (Nurse Anesthesia students only). A one-time nonrefundable fee is charged to DNP-Nurse Anesthesia students for the CRNA test preparation course.

For additional information about these fees, consult the academic program pages on the Duke University School of Nursing website.

Student Health & Insurance Fees

All fully enrolled students are assessed a mandatory student health fee each semester. This fee covers most services rendered by the Student Health Center during each enrolled semester. A summary of services covered by the student health fee is available online. Waivers are available to students who are full-time Duke employees or spouses of Duke employees or students who are enrolled in an online or distance-based program and live more than fifty miles from Duke’s campus.

Additional Health Insurance Requirements. Medical insurance is essential to protect against the high cost of medication, unexpected illnesses, and injuries that would require hospitalization, surgery, or the services of specialists outside the Duke Student Health Center.

Duke University requires that all students enrolled in programs that require payment of the health fee must have adequate medical insurance. Adequate means that the benefits must be similar to those offered by the Duke Student Medical Insurance Plan (SMIP). For international students who hold a J-1 or F-1 visa, participation in the Duke Student Medical Insurance Plan is mandatory.

Other Nonacademic Fees

Parking Fee. Each student parking a motor vehicle on campus must register the vehicle and select a parking option at the office of Duke University Parking and Transportation. For more information consult the Office Parking and Transportation Services website.

Graduate Student Activity Fee. A fee for fall and spring semesters charged to the student’s bursar account provides full-year membership in the Graduate and Professional Student Council.

Graduate Student Services Fee. A fee for fall and spring semesters charged to the student’s bursar account funds co-curricular services such as University career services and cultural programming.

Recreation Fee. Graduate and professional students are charged a recreation fee for fall and spring semesters to utilize on-campus recreation facilities, including the Brodie Recreation Center on East Campus and the Wilson Recreation Center on West Campus, tennis courts, and other Duke recreational facilities. This recreation fee is required for students in the Duke University School of Nursing ABSN Program, but it is optional for students in the MSN Program, and DNP Program and for certificate options students.

PhD Program

Tuition and fees charged to PhD students are determined annually by The Graduate School of Duke University. For details, visit the online summary provided on the Cost of Attendance page on The Graduate School website and the Financial Information section of the Bulletin of the Duke University Graduate School, or contact the PhD Program Coordinator at or (919) 684-8456.